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One of the key benefits of a lighting control system is convenience. For example, you can turn off every single light in and around the house simply by touching a button by your bed. If you forget, the system can do the same at midnight. When light fixtures switch on and off automatically, you're bound to save energy—and money. Granted, some technologies can look sorely out of place in a home that's nicely decorated. A lighting control system, though, can make a good-looking home appear even better by dramatically diminishing "wall clutter." This is a catchphrase in the electronics industry that refers to the overabundance of switches and buttons that commonly blanket the walls of a house. A lighting control system consolidates every light switch into a few elegant keypads.

Insteon: The Technology
We make fantastic products for controlling and monitoring your home. Those products are great because they sit on top of rock-solid Insteon powerline and wireless communication technology

Lighting Control Systems

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Home Lighting Controls    Best Lighting systems

· Turn off all the interior lights just  with a simple click of an app button

· Use your smart phone to remotely  control the lighting in your home while  away on vacation

· Motion sensors turn on/off and dim  automated LED lights when you enter  or leave rooms

· An intelligent lighting system automatically adjust for each day—turns on the lights at sunset and turns them off at sunrise


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Home Lighting Controls    Best Lighting systems